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1.) The Arrow - Card fires arrows, appears in first movie.
2.) The Big - When Sakura uses this card, she grows.
3.) The Bubbles - Card makes soap bubbles
4.) The Change - Card switches the minds of 2 people with their bodies. But the effect is only a 24
hour period.
5.) The Cloud - Card can manipulate clouds.
6.) The Create - Card appears like a book, a person write in it and the objects become a reality. The
reality only continues if the person keeps writing in the book.
7.) The Dark - Card represents Yue. It is the opposite of light. Both dark and light are considered the
most powerful of the cards.
8.) The Dash - Card can make user run short distances at a remarkable speed.
9.) The Dream - Card allows you to have dreams that predict the future.
10.) The Earthy - Card can create earthquakes. The last of the four elements and the most powerful
of the four.
11.) The Erase - Card makes things vanish .. forever if desired.
12.) The Fight - Card makes the user a powerful fighter.
13.) The Fiery - Card is one of the 4 "elements of magic", and considered 2nd in power to Dark and
14.) The Float - Card makes people or objects lighter than a feather.
15.) The Flower - Card makes flowers appear out of nowhere.
16.) The Fly - Card puts wings on Sakura's wand and she can ride it like a magic broomstick. In 2nd
series, it takes a different form.
17.) The Freeze - Card makes things extremely cold.
18.) The Glow - Card makes small bits glowing in the air that appear like fireflies.
19.) The Illusion - Card makes illusions that are not tangible nor with any other properties.
20.) The Jump - Card allows Sakura to jump very high and far without injury.
21.) The Libra - Card can tell if someone is lying or not.
22.) The Light - One of the cards that represent Kerberos. Light can illuminate, but also in ways
represents the "force of light".
23.) The Little - Card makes a person very small
24.) The Lock - Card can lock objects and rooms.
25.) The Loop - Card warps space.
26.) The Maze - Card forms a maze that is possible to be lost in forever.
27.) The Mirror - Card can create an exact replica of Sakura, but it will have Mirror's personality. Mirrors
is smart, and behaves like a real person when Sakura invokes it.
28.) The Mist - Card corrodes/erodes anything it touches.
29.) The Move - Card can move objects (even through walls!) for a short distance.
30.) The Power - Card gives Sakura enormous strength.
31.) The Rain - Card makes rain (of course.)
32.) The Return - Card allows user to view an event in the past for a short while.
33.) The Sand - Card manipulates sand.
34.) The Shadow - Card can wrap itself around something like a shadow. Or also 'shadow' people,
meaning to follow them. Shadow can also be used to carry magic through transparent windows.
35.) The Shield - Card forms a spherical shield that protects anyone inside it from magical/physical
attacks. - Can protect against sword card.
36.) The Shot - Card forms fast-moving missile that chases the first person it sees.
37.) The Silent - Card forcibly ejects one of a room if they make a single noise.
38.) The Sleep - Card can put a large number of people asleep. It's useful to Sakura when she needs
to capture a card in public.
39.) The Snow - Card snows.
40.) The Song - Card repeats a song it hears.
41.) The Storm - Card creates powerful storms.
42.) The Sweet - Card makes things taste sweet. (Not every card of Clow is useful or powerful).
43.) The Sword - Sakura's wand becomes a sword that can cut through basically anything.
44.) The Through - Allows to pass through walls, but the thickness depends on magical power.
45.) The Thunder - Card makes powerful lightning.
46.) The Time - Card stops time, but takes quite a bit of energy to use it.
47.) The Twin - Card can divide people and objects in two.
48.) The Voice - Card can steal a person's voice for your use.
49.) The Watery - Element of magic.
50.) The Wave - Card can raise waves.
51.) The Windy - Element of magic.
52.) The Wood - Card can create a number of vines that trap enemies.
The first two seasons of the highly popular anime, Card Captor Sakura is called the 'Clow Season'. It's about a young girl, by the name of Sakura who hears noises coming from her father's study
downstairs. Curious to know what it is and just as frightened at the same time, Sakura journeys down the stairwell to the darkness of the study and finds to her surprise, nothing. While searching more
around the room, she notices a book, 'The Clow'. Sakura doesn't know what this book is about, but she opens it, and it finds a deck of what are called, Clow Cards. She picks up the Windy card and repeats the name out loud. This causes a strong gust of wind to stir up. All the cards in the book, were gone when the wind mellowed. They scattered in different directions, except the card Sakura called out, Windy.  Suddenly, when Sakura thought it was over, a small creature rises from within the book. This friendly and cute creature calls himself Kerberos, the guardian beast of the seal. Though, Kero isn't too happy when he discovers that all the Clow Cards were missing! He had fallen asleep for 30 yrs when he
was supposed to be watching over the book, protecting it. So Kero tells Sakura she must help him get all the cards back.. but Sakura isn't too sure about that. However, she becomes the Cardcaptor and must go off to capture all the cards. A difficult path lies ahead, but with a little guidance and confidence in herself, she'll be able to catch all the cards, won't she?

Clow Cards we created by a master magician known as Clow Reed. He created the Clow Cards as well as the book where they were sealed. On the front of the book, was an animal. His name is Kerberos, the Guardian Beast of the Seal. Clow Reed created him to guard the book and cards. On the back side of the book is the symbol of the Moon. Kerberos is the symbol of the Sun. Yue is the other Guardian of the Clow Book. The book was sealed, only those who possess some kind of magical powers can break the seal and open it. But whoever does, should be prepared for what happens next..................