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Card Captor Sakura Movie 2
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The Clow Mistress, fully dressed in another of her many radiant costumes, appears with her guardians Kerberoes and Yue to defeat the monster before them. With as much expertise and drama any eleven year old can muster she defeats it gracefully and the "monster", compliments of The Create card, disappears and the captivated audience of Tomoyo, Sakura, and Kero-chan appear, enjoying Tomoyo's home made movie. The tape plays on, however, and slips into an old scene of typical card capturing. At the sight of Syaoran, Sakura reddens, and thoughts of her decision to tell him her feelings, only face to face, drift into her mind and she sighs. The next morning Sakura heads out to the park where the town is getting ready for the Nadeshiko, Pink Flowers, Festival. She is to be in the festival's main event, a play similar to that of Romeo and Juliet, about the tragic love between the prince and princess of two fighting countries. Sakura, naturally, is to play the princess while Takashi is to play the prince(o.O; didn't see that one coming...). Typical play scene; it's a lot of work with lines to learn, costumes to design, set backgrounds to paint, and props to get hold of so the whole place is just humming with activity. After a rough day in the festival preparation Sakura returns home to study her lines, but her mind continues to wander to Syaoran. Wrapped up in her own thoughts, Sakura fails to sense the rising power from the festival fair grounds as "The Void" begins to make its presence known. 

Tomorrow comes and goes quickly and as soon as Tomoyo and Sakura are done at the rehearsal they head off to the amusement park that has been erected in the festival midway. When Sakura suddenly senses strange powers somewhere in the park she runs ahead to look for the source only to smash into an innocent bystander in her oblivious rush. The startled stranger keeps her from smashing to the ground as well, but nearly drops her when he realizes who she is. "Nani!?"Sakura and Syaoran take a step back in shock and Meilin (man, that girl can make an entrance) pops up behind Syaoran. So Meilin and Syaoran decide to accompany them to the park, but make a short stop in a small play area to talk. Meilin and Sakura sit down in some swings while Tomoyo stands off to the side, smiling, and Syaoran leans against a tree, no doubt feeling awkward already. Meilin explains that they have come to Japan for their summer break, and while they were in Hong Kong Meilin and Syaoran's engagement was canceled, but that the person Syaoran really loves had better reply quickly(Or some other cute Clow magician will snatch him up... muhahaha...). Sakura blushes and looks down at her feet while Syaoran does the same (eavesdropper! That boy is going to get in trouble someday...) Meilin, with Tomoyo's plan to get them together now in her control as well, suggests that Syaoran go to Sakura's house for dinner. Sakura is alarmed, but Tomoyo and Meilin just smile and continue to promote the idea. 

In the end Syaoran goes to Sakura's for dinner and the next scene shows him waiting quietly in the living room while Sakura gets the tea. She brings it in, and in desperation for a conversation topic asks if he'd like sugar in his tea. Syaoran says he'll get himself but Sakura insists that she will and together they knock over the sugar (ah, those awkward, awkward moments...). In the same instance they both reach to clean it up and their hands accidentally brush together, sending them both into blush mode, currently frozen in position. Sakura takes a deep breath and just as she is about to tell Syaoran her feelings who should pop up but Kero-chan, in search of snacks no doubt, and wrecks the moment (Kero-chan...waaa...o.O;) Sakura scampers out saying something about preparing something for dinner and Syaoran shakes his head, muttering as Kero-chan gorges on cake that the guardian beast hasn't changed a bit. This strikes up a rather heated argument between the two until Kero-chan changes to his true form and takes Syaoran out, much to my dismay... (Darn you Kero-chan, not the cute one!) When the stuffed animal finally goes back to Sakura's room and Sakura gets her chance to tell him her feelings again she is interrupted (beginning to know how Syaoran felt, ne?) by Touya and Yukito's arrival. After a very strange look from Touya and a few moments of silence Syaoran mentions it's getting late and gets ready to leave. As Syaoran exits Sakura whispers his name, totally oblivious to the Clow Card that slips out of the deck and heads off in the direction of the amusement park. 

Tomorrow arrives and Meilin and Syaoran head to school with Sakura and Tomoyo and everyone happily asks them how they've been. After school they all go to get some soft drinks then notice that a portion of a mailbox is missing, but the bottom remains tinted in an eerie glow, which leaves the entire group very confused. When Sakura arrives home she decides to write Eriol about the strange happenings as of late, and also adds that Syaoran and Meilin are back for a visit. With happy thoughts of Syaoran, Sakura drifts into a peaceful sleep not noticing as another card disappears. 

With another full day of rehearsal at hand the entire cast watches excitedly while Tomoyo shows everyone their costumes for the play. They all practice hard, except for Sakura, who can't seem to keep her mind off Syaoran. After practice, they all head out to wander through the town in festival mode, checking out all the interesting sites and travelers. Meilin and Tomoyo run off again, leaving Sakura and Syaoran alone once more and when Sakura stops to tell him how she feels a large rabbit enters between the two. The costumer removes his head and gives them both menacing looks... It's just Touya in one of his many odd jobs, and when Yukito realizes Touya interrupted something important he buys them all ice cream to apologize. As they all sit down to their ice creamy treats Yukito questions Sakura about the one she really loves, Sakura says that she has found him and will reply soon. Once again a card flies out of Sakura's bag, but even though Sakura half-heartedly notices this time, she decides to ignore it. (I mean the girl's got ice cream to finish...) 

On the way home Sakura asks Syaoran about the strange feeling, but he says he didn't feel anything so Sakura decides to shrug the whole thing off. About that time they arrive at a bridge that looks as though someone sliced it right off. Bewildered once more Sakura races home to ask Kero-chan about it. Kero-chan replies nonchalantly that since Eriol's gone and all the cards are captured there shouldn't be any problem. Right about then Meilin calls and asks her to accompany them to the park tomorrow, and with no play practice to hold her back Sakura agrees. 

Ah, a day of fun filled action for the four friends begins as they all head out to the park. They ride various rides, a roller coaster that Syaoran didn't entirely appreciate, and when Meilin and Tomoyo decide to put their plan into play again she suggests the Ferris wheel and jump in together forcing Syaoran and Sakura to take the same compartment. As the wheel starts up Syaoran stares out the window, avoiding Sakura's gaze and Sakura, strangely jumpy squirms uncomfortably for a while before she decides to try to tell Syaoran how she feels once more. Just as she makes a move to speak a card leaps from the deck and this time they both notice. They leap off the ride as soon as it stops, leaving both Meilin and Tomoyo rather confused, and race after the card. They find the card that has been causing the trouble and it demands it's friends back. Sakura attempts to attack it, but the card steals three more cards from Sakura, including the wood she used to attack it with. When Sakura returns home she receives a call from Eriol explaining about the card. It is the fifty-third, The Void, which was sealed under Clow Reed's house and released when the house was demolished to build the park. Apparently the card is stronger than all of the original fifty-two put together and only if Sakura turns it into a Sakura card will everything return to the way it was. But, Eriol cautions, to do this one person must lose their most precious feelings. When Sakura asks who Eriol only has time to respond that the card will choose the one with the most power, after that the connection is lost due to the card. In a scene back at Eriol's, Kaho asks if things will turn out all right, but Eriol just sighs, "No."

The next day Sakura impresses everyone with her acting skills, but her heart really just isn't in it. After practice she meets with Syaoran to talk about what Eriol said. She tells him she's afraid, how she doesn't want to lose her most precious feeling and be forced to live like she did in the judgement world, without love. Syaoran replies harshly, saying what must be done must be done and that it wasn't her place to decide whether or not she should stop the card. Sakura is hurt and runs out into the rain, crying. Sakura runs into Yukito and he talks to her as Yue for a while, about how Clow wouldn't create a card with bad intentions. She thinks about it, how the one with the most power would lose their feelings. She realizes Syaoran was probably worried too. 

The day of the play has finally arrived and everyone is just buzzing with excitement. But just as everyone is beginning to settle in the Void attacks. Sakura quickly activates the Sleep card, but the Void disappears rather soon and the Sleep's effect wears off. As everyone is waking up Syaoran appears in the room Sakura was in, sensing the Sleep's power. (Okay here's the odd part...)As everyone is sort of, getting over falling asleep Yamazaki sits up and rubs his shoulder painfully. He explains that he must have hurt it in the fall and that he can't act in the play like that. He suggests that Syaoran act in his place. So after minor changes, the play begins with a song from Tomoyo and as she finishes the curtains raise on a ball scene. 

All of the highly respected officials are dancing and the princess (Sakura) sits alone in a chair. A young man (Syaoran) approaches her and asks her to dance, and as they dance they discuss the war between the countries, what has caused all of the problems and the princess seems rather intrigued by the young man, finding their many aspects surprisingly common. A masquerade ball, as it would be, does require you to remove your mask near the end of the ball, and as the young man does the princess recognizes him as the son of the king of the country her father is fighting against (Mou...that's a mouth full). He confesses his love to her, but the princess must refuse him and asks that he please forget her. The two are very caught up in their roles, and Sakura even begins to cry as she explains why she (the princess) cannot love Syaoran (the prince) in return. Right about then there is a small explosion off somewhere and all the lights go out, and everyone in the audience begins to disappear. The Void works quickly and soon only Sakura and company (Kero, Yue, Syaoran, Meilin, and Tomoyo...) are left standing alone on the stage. Tomoyo with a small, but concerned smile hands Sakura one of her many battle costumes. "Take it," she explains, "if you do you are sure to come back." Sakura smiles, touched by her friend's kind confidence in her and as Tomoyo hands a costume to Syaoran as well she says they have to come back together, and they both agree to wear the costumes. 

They head to the amusement park quickly, it's just Sakura, Syaoran and the guardians now, Tomoyo and Meilin disappeared shortly after they departed. Sakura's cards continue to disappear and even as she tries to retrieve them with Windy, Windy is taken as well. The amusement park has gone haywire with the Void's powers controlling it, and things like the Merry-go-round horses leap out to attack them. The guardians do their best to protect Sakura and Syaoran. Suddenly the roller coaster comes to life and heads full speed at Sakura, who stops it with little time to spare, and attempts to talk to the Void. Despite Sakura, The Void won't have the discussion and attacks again, just as Sakura uses the Jump, but she falls. Kerberoes catches her just in time, and the guardians head to attack the Void. The Void erases them as well, since they are of the same Clow magic, they have little power over the card. Syaoran then attacks on his own, but even though his attack is effective, he is erased by the Void's black magic and Sakura is too late to save him. 

Sakura is alone on the battle field again, and she is already severely weakened by her attacks. Soon the Void has obtained all the cards and she explains how lonely she was being the last card created, and how she wanted her friends to return to her. Sakura disapproves, saying that's not the right way to make friends, and the cards seem to agree, escaping from the Void. Void is in tears as she rages at the other cards for choosing Sakura, but the cards say that Sakura is their master because she is pure of heart and the Void gives in allowing Sakura to turn her into a Sakura Card. Now it is time to lose her feelings Sakura thinks quietly, regretting never telling her feeling to Syaoran, but she is prepared to part with them for the safety of her family, friends, and the rest of the world. But when Sakura feels nothing she realizes she hasn't been chosen. Syaoran has. 

As Syaoran is surrounded by the dark magic he explains that since Sakura used so much power today his is stronger than her, so he has be chosen. Sakura is sobbing quietly, but Syaoran says if he's given time he will love her again, even if the Void does take away his feelings he will never lose them forever. The orb swallows Syaoran up and Sakura breaks down crying brokenly and she fails to notice the last card, the card she created, the Hope card, has leapt towards Syaoran and disappears into the black magic. As the world returns to normal Syaoran is released from the magic and stands across from Sakura in what appears to be a tower of sorts that they ended up in after the amusement park was erased. The Hope card returns to Sakura and she looks at it sadly. Unable to keep it in any longer Sakura confesses her feelings, saying that even though Syaoran no longer loves her, he is still the one she cares for the most. Silence. Sakura looks down, continuing to cry until she hears Syaoran speak up. "And you're mine," Syaoran says with a smile. Sakura looks up, beaming from under her tear-stained cheeks and scampers to her feet, "Sakura..." Syaoran begins still smiling at her, but looking a little confused as she pulls out the Jump. Syaoran protests as he catches on, saying that they should wait until their powers are back, but Sakura has other ideas. Leaping across the gap with the aid of the Jump card Sakura shouts that she really loves him and Syaoran, giving in to Sakura with a small smile, opens his arm to catch her.