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Card Captor Sakura Movie 1
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The movie begin in school the teacher is passing out report cards. Sakura looks at her and says she's relieved because her grades have not fallen. Tomoyo gets her card and says her card was the same as last time.You see Sayoren figeting a nervous. Sakura turns around and asks what's wrong. Meling tells Sayoren it will be ok because She's with him. Then the teacher calls Sayoren and Meiling to get their report cards. Meling gives a big "HAI!" and Sayoren kinda drudges up to get his report card. Tomoyo notes that Meiling is full of confidence. ^.^ Sakura then asks Tomoyo what she's going to do for winter vacation. They both got interuppted when Meiling gets her card, she yells and asks the teacher why it wasn't a perfect score!? The teacher tells her that her Japaense language skills aren't very good yet. Sayoren doesn't look at his card until he sits back down. He peeps at it and breathes a sigh of relief. he says to himself "oh good now i can show this to my....." Sakura turns around to see what he is saying then he stops his sentence and closes his report card. 

Out side of school Sakura congratulates Tomoyo again for such good grades. Tomoyo said it was nothing, really. ^.^ At the book store Sakura picks out a cuuute notebook with a cat on it. Sakura goes up to the counter to buy it and the cashier asks Sakura if it for winter homework. Sakura says yes. then she pulls out a big box with a hole in it. She said that it was a drawing for a grand prize to Hong Kong. She said that most people just get the entry prize. Tomoyo wishes Sakura good luck. You see Sakura's hard in the box and then some kind of blue glow appears and a ball "floats" up to her hand. Sakura pulls it out and its gold. Sakura says she guesses she got the entry prize as well. The cashier looks at the ball chart and says that she won the grand prize!

Back at home Kero chan is EXCITED! He said its a good idea for winter vacation. Sakura says that she's excited cause she has never traveled abroad. He then says that he hadn't been to Hong kong in a long time. The last time he was there he says he was with Clow reed. Sakura then asks if the Clow cards have been in Hong Kong before too. Kero chan says Of course! Clow Reed was the one to make those cards. Sakura then wonders aloud what Hong Kong looks like, Kero chan assures her he'll show her all the good places. Then Kero chan remembered that her dad had a business trip this winter vacation. ;/ 

Sakura is sitting at the dinner table with her dad and Toya. Her dad says that she should go even if he can't go. He said it was ok if Toya took her instead. Sakura then looks at Toya and says that he had a part time job.....then they all look at Toya to see if he would go. He agreed but only if he could eat 5 times a day in Hong Kong. ^.^ Then Sakura's dad said that since Tomoyo was going, Yukito should go too. Toya said he probably would because he hand nothing to do in partcular anyhow. Sakura gets really happy. ^.^ 

At the airport, Tomoyo is video taping Sakura like always. Sakura tells Tomoyo she's excited cause she's never been on an airplane before! Sakura is a little surprised that Tomoyo was video taping her. ^.^ Tomoyo said that she could not pass up such a great opportunity to take videos of Sakura. She said she was going to call this tape "Sakura's visit to Hong Kong". She also points out she brought tons of outfits for Sakura to change into. ^.^ heheh Toya then calls out to them both and tell them its boarding time. (Yukito is there too) ^.^ They are on the ramp to go to the gate and Toya whisperes to Sakura that she has to take her shoes off before she boards the plane. Sakura is about to step into the plane and takes her shoes off. The stewardes then says nicely that she doesn't have to take them off. HEH! THis makes sakura embarrased and then she screams out to Toya. mad. ^.^ Just when she was going to clock Toya, Kero pokes his head out of her purse and ask if they got there yet. Sakura then quickly ran to her seat.Sakura asks Kero to be patient and shoves his head back into her purse. Yukito then comes by and thanks Sakura for bringing him along the trip and tells her that it is his first time to travel abroad too. He says he hopes they will have a lot of fun. Sakura says Me too! ^.^ 

In Hong Kong at their hotel room the bell boy tells them to have a nice stay (he says it in English too O.o). Ssakura is all excited and runs around the room. She throws her purse while she's at it too. Kero then pops out. He asks her if she has totally forgotten him. He then tells her that he forgives her for his dear old Hong Kong. He looks out the window and asks where he is at exactly? He looks surprised to see the changed Hong Kong with sky scrapers. 

On the ferry Sakura is looking over the side. They are taking the ferry to the main island which only takes five minutes. Toya then tells Sakura to watch her head because there are sharks in the water.>^.^< heh. Sakura then notices a seagull and calls out to it. Yukito is sitting next to her and points out that Sakura is always in good spirits. Sakura then blushes and says she likes the ship. You then see Tomoyo videotaping in the distance, she says to herself that Sakura is always in a good mood. ^.^ Kero chan then pops out of Tomoyo's hair and asks Tomoyo if she would take his picture later. ^.^ Tomoyo says sure. 

In downtown Hong Kong The group stopped for some Ice cream. Kero chan says that HK has changed a lot since he last was there, but the feeling hasn't changed. and he starts glowing. he says that it didn't matter how long he was in Japan, he still felt nostalgic. he then eats the rest of Sakura's ice-cream and says its delicious. heeh heh. He then asks them both why Sakura won the game this time when she's always so bad at winning stuff? Just when Sakura was going to get mad Kero chan pointed out that Clow reed once said that there was no such thing as coincidence, so there must of been a reason why Sakura won this trip to Hong Kong. He then said "Just kidding!!" and that he needed to get used to being there. just right about then these two white birds land on the telephone wire above them, looking down at them. 

Sakura is having that dream again. she is in the warehouse covered with water and she looks down. She looks up at the ceiling and notices the same two white birds from earlier are there. Sakura then turns around and sees the figure of a woman with ribbons on her dress.. Sakura asks who it is and the ribbons come towards here, beckoning Sakura to touch them. Sakura reaches her hand out and then you see her on her bed sleeping reaching her hand out. She wondered who that woman was. 

At the restaurant, plates kept on piling up cause Yukito was ordering.Sakura and Tomoyo just kinda looked in awe. Sakura asked Tomoyo if she wanted to share. Sakura picked up a bowl and saw Kero eating the food in the bowl underneath it. Sakura exclaimed "keeero!" and shut her mouth quickly cause Toya and Yukito were there. (they still don't know about Kero) Toya and Yukito looked at Sakura with some concern and Toya asks if there is a frog's leg in that bowl. Sakura said that she'll just eat another one, its no concern. Toya then asks Sakura for the bowl that She returned ^.^ (hehe heh kero's in it!!!) Sakura told him that he had another dish like that near him. But Toya insisted that he wanted "THAT ONE". Sakura then starts to hands over the bowl and she pulls of the lid and notices that Kero isn't there. she then looks under the bowl and notices kero is clinging underneath it.. ^.^; aiya. sakura then quickly takes back the plate and says she'll eat it, its still good.Toya looked annoyed, but then asks everyone if they should go to bird street after they eat? Yukito said it was a market for birds. 

At bird street, Sakura was happy to see so many birds, Yukito explains that Hong Kong people like birds a lot. He said that they put their favorites in cages and carry them along. Trailing behind is Tomoyo video taping as always. Kero pops out of her hair and comments on how bird street hasn't changed at all. Sakura is looking at some birds and then you see the two white birds from before flash by . Sakura stops and says she feels as if something is watching her. Kero pops out of Tomoyo's hair and said that there was something wrong. But it wasn't a clow card, Kero said it was something more...viscious. Yukito (a few feet away) points out that those birds were out of their cages. Sakura looks up and notices the two birds looking at her visciously . THe birds then fly away and Sakura goes chasing after them. She runs all through Bird street. Sakura then calls out her staff and the jump card and jumps to the top of a bulding to find the birds. Sakura jumps back down into the middle of a bunch of broken down old buildings. She notices that there is a well between all of them, and goes over to look in the water. You then see thsoe ribbons come out of the water and Sakura is scared. Sakura seems to be hypnotised from the glow and she heads over to the water in a trance. You see the woman in the water vaguely. Just when Sakura is about to step in the water, Sayoren pops out and tells Sakura to snap out of it!. Sakura then asks why he is there and accidently falls into the water ^.^ baka.... You see Tomoyo in bird street still looking for Sakura. and she bumps into Meling. Meiling is surprised to see them, and tells her that she is looking for Sayoren just as Tomoyo is looking for Sakura. Kero chan then pops out of Tomoyo's purse and says hello to Meiling. Meiling asks how Kero got past the quarantine...>^.^< heee. then Sayoren and Sakura start walking towards them. Tomoyo and Meiling run to their "loved one" and asked if they were ok. Then Toya and Yukito come running to them and Toya asks Sakura where she was going. Sakura explained that she fell into the well. Relieved to see Sakura you could tell he was very worried. 

Next scene you see Sayoren's house. Sakura has changed her clothes and so did Tomoyo. Tomoyo is videotaping and looks very happy to see Sakura wearing such a pretty dress. All of a sudden 4 very beautiful girls with brown hair (like sayoren's) start running towards them, hugging on Tomoyo and Sakura telling them how cute they are. Tomoyo asks who they are and Sakura said she had no clue. Then you see Toya and Yukito come out and they are waring some Chinese male clothes too. The four beautiful girls then stop looking at Sakura and Tomoyo and pretty much "pounce" on Toya and Yukito. (But the guys didn't seem to mind ^.^) Sayoren them comes walking in with tea, looking kind of annoyed at the whole situation. Meiling then offers to help Sayoren. Tomoyo asks who they are and Meiling tells them that all four of them are his sisters. Tomoyo points out how cheerful the sisters are. Kero points out on how weird they are... ^.^ all of a sudden the door pops open and Sayoren stands at attention. A very beautiful woman comes out in a white dress. The four girls have even sort of stand at attention. The woman then bows to Yukito and Toya and says nice to meet you. Sakura then asks if it is Sayoren's mother? she looks so young! Kero then says she looks like the leader of the monsters....heh. Then the woman bows to Sakura and Sakura introduces herself and says thanks for the beautiful dress. The woman then bends down to Sakura's level and says she feels a strong power, and asks if Sakura has Clow Cards. and looks at Sakura's bag. Sakura nodded her head. (Toya and Yukito are preoccupied with the girls) Sayoren's mother points out that Strong power brings troubles especially in Hong Kong. She then asks the group to stay the night. (you hear a "YA-TA!" from the four girls, still kissing all over Yukito and Toya). Sayorens mom then looks at Sayoren and asks him for his report card (whomp whomp whomp). 

In Sakura and Tomoyo's room Kero says he is really tired. Tomoyo points out how beautiful Sayoren's mother is, Sakura thinks she is very mysterious. kero said she is very powerful because she is a descendant of Clow Reed. He said that Sayoren's Mother's side had a very strong Taoist background too. Tomoyo asks if Clow Reed was a magician, and Kero told them he was the most powerful, but he was naughty so he had many enemies. Tomoya then tells Sakura she wishes she would of brought more outfits for Sakura to wear if she knew they would end up there. Tomoyo then asks Sakura to change into her dress when they get back to the hotel. You then see Kero talking in his sleep, he says "I can't eat anymore!" and then he turns over. ^.^ The girls say goodnight and turn out the light. 

Sakura can't sleep, she is looking out the window and remembering what Sayoren's mother said to her earlier. "Strong powers bring difficult matters, especially here in Hong Kong". Sakura then has that dream again, only now she is in the water and is looking up at the woman with the ribbons. The ribbons are really close to Sakura now, and Sakura reaches out to grab one. The woman then says "I have been waiting for you a long time" and the ribbon grabs Sakrua and pulls her up. Sakura is trying to break free, but she can't. Sakura can now see the woman's face. She is very beautiful (and no she's not Sayoren's mother). The woman then comes towards Sakura really fast and then Sakura screams and wakes up. Kero asks Sakura what is wrong. and Sakura looks at her arm and noticed a red mark where the ribbon grabbed her. Kero says that that was not a normal dream. Then theree is a knock at the door and Sayoren's mother looks in. 

You then see Sakura and Sayoren's mother standing outside. Sayoren's mother pulls out her fan and says an incantation. The fan begins to glow. and then they are standing on a platform that has the symbols from Sayoren's Lasin board on it. Sayoren's mother then tells Sakura she came to Hong Kong cause someone called her there. Sakura asked who did? Sayoren's mother then said that the woman in her dream did. She then warns Sakura that she is in danger, and the worst has not passed. Sakura asked what she should do. Sayoren's mother then tells her that she is the only one who will know what to do. She told Sakura that with power like hers, it is easy to contact evil spirits. and she will be more likely to contact evil spirits because she has Clow Reed's cane. She said that even though it seems bad, she has some guidance: The dream sakura has is a problem, but it holds the solution. The lasin board dissapears. Sayorens mother then comforts Sakura and tells her she'll find the solution. 

Outside Sayoren's house everyone is saying goodbye. Meling is amazed that they really stayed overnight at Sayorens and said she should of stayed the night too then. Sakura then says thanks to Sayoren's mother and she kisses Sakura on the cheek which totally freaks out Sayoren. ^.^ Toya then tells Sakura to hurry that they had to go and then Sayoren's mother warned Sakura to watch out for water. 

In downtown Hong Kong, Meling is giving everyone a tour, telling them what the different buildings were. Kero then pops out of Sakura's bag and tells her that she won not because of coincidence. Sakura wonders if the woman in her dream let her win. They wondered why she chose Sakura if that was so? 

Meling is upset at Sayoren asking him why they had to show them around. Sayoren said it was his mother's order, that Sakura was in danger. Sakura is looking at some beautiful hair ornaments and thinks to herself that the woman in her dreams wears beautiful hair ornaments too. Yukito sees Sakura looking at one in particular and told her it was very pretty. He then went to buy it for her. ^.^ awww he said he thought it would look really good on her. this made Sayoren pretty jealous. Then Sayoren noticed the two birds again. about the same time Sakura did. Sakura went of running after them. Then Yukito, Toya and Sayoren went running after her too. Still running, Sakura called upon her cane and Kero was out of her bag too, Kero said that they had very strong magic powers, and to be careful, they weren't normal birds. The birds led them to a kind of antique shop. Kero and Sakura entered and looked around. Kero noted that no one was home. Sakura then pointed out that she heard water. THey looked over and the noise was coming from a book. Kero blew all the dust on it, They looked at the book and noticed it had a picture of a well on it. on the well there was a woman seated and voice said "come here" sakura seemed to be in a trance, it was telling her to open the book. Kero chan tried to stop her, but it was no use. By this time, Tomoyo, Meling, Toya Yukito and Sayoren found her. Sakura turned around still in a trance and opened the book. THen a light started to flash and Sakura dropped the book which set na flood into the store. Sakura was in the water, but she could breathe, it was kinda like her dream. She was swimming around and reached the surface. Kero jumped out of her bad and Sakura asked if they were in her dream world. Kero noted that this was not a dream. Then sakura looks out and noticed it is the same scene from her dream. The woman then tells them that this is the world that she created with her magic. She then says "you're not him" , enraged she tells Sakura to come to her. The waves start to swirl and the woman wants to know why she is here instead of "him" Sakura then calls upon windy and flys on her cane. The woman then asks why she has the clow cards?? The woman sends out a wave towards Sakura, but Sayoren freezes it with his freeze card. Sayoren then asks sakura where the others are, and he said he had no clue. The woman then tells them that there was no need to look for them because she already caputred them. You then se four bubbles pop out of the waves, and it has all of them sleeping in them. The woman then asks where is clow reed? She said she called upon him and he's not here, she demanded to know where he was at. Kero chan then says that he has seen her from somewhere before. Sayoren then tells Sakura that they should split up, he will distract her, and Sakura rescues the others. by this time the woman is pissed and starts throwing waves at them. Sayoren calls upon the Storm Card and then the card proceeds to make a whirlwind around the woman. Sakura then calls upon her sword c ard to remove the bubbles and save Tomoyo first. Kero carries Tomoyo to the staff and tells Sakura to hurry up and fly tomoyo to safety. Sayoren then gets over to the bubbles and tries to set Meiling free, but he can't. Sakura dropps Tomoyo off to a safe place. You then see the woman really mad by now and she diverets the storm with her ribbons. Sakura then flys back over to where Sayoren and the woman is and Sayoren tells her to go away. He tells Sakura to fly out through the windows on the ceiling. The woman then tells Sayoren to shut up and caputres him in a bubble as well. The woman warns that if she doesn't see clow reed, she's going to absorb all of Sakura's power, and everyone else's as well and then use them as magical food and fine him herself. Kero then tells Sakura to run for it because it wouldn't be good if everyone was gone. They needed some time to think it out. Sakura then reluctantly runs away to where Tomoyo is. and then Sakura flys out towards the ceiling really fast, the waves almost catching up to her. 

Back at the antique shop, Sakura is really upset. Then they wonder where the book is, they can't find it. Kero can't even feel the presence anymore. Kero said that he needs to find the woman's other connection to the world. Then Kero says he suddenly remembers who the woman is! all of a sudden the store keeper comes down and asks what his Japanese customers would like to buy? 

Back at the hotel, Kero explains who the woman is. He said that she was a fortune teller in Hong Kong a long time ago. He said she did water fortune telling, she saw things on the surface of the water. But one day Clow reed appeard and though he wasn't a fortune teller, he told predictions in his spare time, and every single one of them came true. So the woman's business went down tremendously. She would challenge him to fights many times. Tomoyo pointed out that she must of been dead for a long time. Then Kero said it was the spell and the book that was keeping her alive for so long. Kero suggested that the woman didn't even know she was dead, so she must of hated Clow very much. The puropose of the spell she casted was to enclose Clow reed into the book instead of her. Tomoyo said, Clow reed, or whoever is holding the Clow Cards. Sakura asks Kero where can she go back to get the others before they die? Kero said there must be a doorway, but he doesn't feel it anywhere near. Sakura then remembers the book's cover, how it had a well on it. Sakura remembers she was there the other day. She knows where it is. Kero then said it was good that she found it! And Tomoyo pulls out and outfit and reminds Sakura to wear it. 

That night Sakura and the gang appear at the well. Sakura is wearing the cuuute pink outfit with wings. As they were approaching the well, this pink barrier appears around it. Sakura asks how to break it and Kero tells them that she can't break it with her limited abilities. They then see a figure walking towards them and Tomoyo reminds Kero to hide in Sakura's Bows. The figure appears closer and it is Sayoren's mother. She tells Sakura and Tomoyo to stand back. Sakura asks how she knew about this and then she tells them she couldn't feel Sayoren's spirit anymore. Sakura blamed herself, and Sayoren's mother said no, it was just because sayoren's power wasn't strong enough. Sayoren's mom then used her fan to break open a space through the barrier and Kero pointed out how strong Sakur was. Sakura then thanks Tomoyo for the comfortable dress, and Tomoyo reminds Sakura that is waterproof and tells her to be careful. Sakura then enters the well. She is floating down again. Sakura asks where she is at and Kero told her they were in a demension warp, he said if she picked the wrong door to go through, they could be trapped forever. He told her to think hard.Sakura then thinks hard and sees the right door. Sakura enteres a weird building and thinks she's at the wrong place, but then Kero notices the birds and go chasing after them. Then they notice that they are at bird street. Kero says that this place probably has a lot of different' places. They are running and running and then they area back at the warehouse. and there is a big door, Kero notices the power keeps on getting sronger as they go along. Sakura opens the door and notices there is water that stops where the door is. They take a deep breath and enter. They are in the right place! The woman is standing there wating for them. She asks why they came back. Sakura tells her to let everyone go, and the woman tells them to get her clow reed. Kero yells at her and tells her that they can't give clow reed back because..... She interupptes and says she's waiting for him. starts to notice something funny about the way teh woman was talking about Clow Reed. Kero yells back at her and says that she should lisen to the whole story! just then the walls anc ceilings start to cave in and the woman starts to glow. She said it was their last chance. Kero then tells her that Clow reed is gone! The woman then tells them that if that is so, they must all die! 

Back at the well, Tomoyo is worried, and Sayoren's mother comforts her. all of a sudden the well seenms to blow up and the woman flys out of the well into the night's sky. The woman looks down at the city and asks where she is. Sakura then calls upon her staff and flys out of the well too. looking for the woman. The woman is frantic now, throwing water at Sakura and asking where Clow reed is at. Sakura ist rying to explain, but she is also dodging the water spurts. Kero points out that if they keep on running from her, they won't win. Finally the woman throws one of her ribbons at Sakura and is holder her over a building. The woman asks her to confess to where Clow reed is at. Sakura tells her that Clow Reed is dead. The woman called her a liar and Sakura assured her it was true. the woman still wouldn't believe her. THen she started to doubt herself. she said that Clow reed couln't be dead. The woman then started a tidal wave in the bulding , filling it with wate, and Sakura too. The woman then seems to get sad and says that she's been waiting for him for so long, and that she used all of her power to find him. she seemed to have a sad note to her voice and then a tear drop fell into the building's water. Sakura is still in the water all tied up and she could feel the woman's sadness. the tear drop floated towards Sakura and she could see a vision of what really happened between Clow reed and the woman. It shows a sillouhette of the woman and a tall man's figure at the well. The woman tells the man that she cannot accept "this" the man asks if it is her birthday today? and if she didn't want to keep it she could just throw it away. The item she held in her hands was a beautiful hair ornament. Sakura then says to herself that she knew that the woman loved him. and then the voice came again " the thing that flows" . . . . . . and Sakura then said "that's right!" and called upon her arrow card. the arrow then shot up and cut the ribbons from the woman to Sakura and made some parts of the building collapse which sent the water pouring out of the building. This set Sakura free and Sakura walked towards the woman looking concerened. Sakura asked the woman if she loved Clow Reed. Sakura then started to cry and told the woman its hard to believe that someone you love is gone.. The woman then asks if Clow reed is really dead and Sakura nods her head. The woman says again that she'd been waiting for him a long time. Then snow started to appear and the woman started to dissapear into snow. the woman loooked really sad as she started to dissapear. she said that she waited so long because she wanted to tell him her true feelings. ..and then dissapeared into the moon....Ssakura then saw the hair ribbon that the woman had left on teh ground. then the voice said it again " the thing that flows" and Sakura thought to herself that it was clow's voice.. All of a sudden the group appeard again on the top of the building next to Sakura. 

The next morning they were all on the ferry again. Tomoyo reminded Sakura that they were going back to Japan the next day. Kero commented that the fight yesterday was big trouble for them, and shook his head. Sakura told Kero not to say that...because she wanted to tell "him" her true feelings. She explained that the woman really wanted to tell Clow how she felt. Sakura then looks over at Yukito and thought to herself fhat she hoped she could tell Yukito how she felt about him too soon. Tomoyo then tells Sakura that she hoped they went back to Hong Kong soon.