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Card Captor Sakura

about This site

Welcome to my newly bulid card captor site. Sad to inform you that this would not be update often, due to lack of time and informations.Sorry for violating the copyright licences of certain site for using their ideas as reference to gain informations .

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About card captor

Card captors is the dubbed version of the hit anime series in Japan, Card Captor Sakura. Card captors stars Sakura Avalon, who "accidentally" stumbles upon the Clow Book, and with her unknown powers, she is able to open 
the book. Calling upon The Windy card, all the other cards were blown away. Out comes the guardian beast of the Clow, Kerberos, who is enraged at the missing cards. She soon realized that she just released the mystical and dangerous Clow Cards into the world. Along with Kero, and later allied with Li Showroom, and the rest of their friends; the two Card captors set out to recapture all the cards.

card captor here in Singapore

I am a great anime fan especially card captor sakura.Here in Singapore, the card captor series were dupped in chinese.Recently,kids central came out with an English version.   

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why must watch

Based on the orginal comic by CLAMP. A world-class anime by Kodansha. One of the hottest kids series in USA. Awarded "Grand Prix", "Best Animation" and "The Most popular animation character-actress" in Japan for year 2000 presented by Animage Magazine. Currently showing in Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand and Malaysia with good ratings.