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Card Captor Sakura as its called in Japan, is the most successful anime that Clamp has done so far. It all began as a manga series through the popular Japanese Manga Magazine called Nakayoshi. Then it turned itself into a TV animated program that started to air in April 1998. 
Card Captor Sakura is about a cute 4th grade girl named Sakura Kinomoto, who, like any other ordinary girls, goes to school, hangs out with their friends, and loves to cheerlead. Until one day, she hears a noise coming down from her father's library in the basement. She went down the basement with a curiosity, fear, not knowing what will come up one her. Instead of finding ghosts and scary monsters like what Sakura thought would come out, she found a book called "THE CLOW" which had a big lion in the front. When she opened the book, she found a card that says "WINDY" as Sakura slowly read "W-I-N-D-Y" a big wind blew and it blew away all the cards inside the book which scattered all around Japan. Just then, a cute stuffed animal-like creature comes out the book that had the big golden lion. His name is Kero, holder of the magical Clow Cards, created by a magician named Clow Reed. He gave her a key which changes into a magical staff whenever she says "Release!" and could capture the Clow Cards back. The cards must be shut up inside the book or they will bring disaster to the world.