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Japanese Name: Sakura Kinomoto 
English Name: Sakura Avalon 
Birthday: April 1st 
Blood Type: A 
Favorite Color: Pink, White 
Favorite Flower: Cherry Blossoms 
Favortie Food: Any noodle 
Favorite Subject: Music, Physical Education 
Most Dislike Subject: Math 
Extra-curricular Activity: Cheer Leading 
Most Wanted: A new school bag 
Description: Kinomoto Sakura is a 4th grader at Tomoeda Elementary. But in secret Sakura is the card captor. Sakura accidentally released the clow cards and therefore had to recapture them so that chaos would not fall among the world by the cards. She has some magic to capture the cards and her magic increases with each card she returns. But besides all this she's just a regular schoolgirl. She can be hyper at times, she's very good at many sports including swimming, volleyball and cheerleading. Sakura has a very big crush on Yukito and blushes whenever he's near her. She's very sweet and nice, so it's easy for her to make so many friends


Japanese Name:Tomoyo Daidouji 
English Name: Madison Tyler 
Birthday: September 9 
Blood Type: A 
Favorite Color: Light yellow, White 
Favorite Flower: Violet, Sakura 
Favorite Food: Sushi 
Favorite Subject: Music, Chinese 
Extra-curricular Activity: Choir 
Most Wanted: A new video camera 
Description: Tomoyo is a very sweet and quiet young girl. She's in the same class as Sakura and is Sakura's best friend. Tomoyo knows Sakura secret as a card captor and is very happy knowing that Sakura has magical powers. She's usually seen with a video camera in her hands, because she's always video taping Sakura whenever she gets a chance! Tomoyo is behind all those outfits that Sakura wears during a battle. She's very talented at sewing and making all those outfits. Tomoyo is also very rich but she doesn't say much about her wealth. 


Japanese Name: Kerberos 
Altinative Name: Kero 
Favorite Food: Anything Sweet 
Most Dislike Food: Bitter ones 
Favorite Thing: TV games 
Favorite Program: Comedy 
Favorite Flower: Sun Flower 
Most Wanted: A New Video Game 
Description: Kero-chan is the guardian of the clow cards. He fell asleep when Sakura first opened "The Clow" and so now that the cards were scattered about he had to make Sakura the card captor so that the clow cards would not cause disaster. Kero-chan very much resembles that of a stuff animal. He is also called Cerberus, which is his true form. But Kero-chan can't become Cerberus because he doesn't have enough energy to transform into Cerberus. One thing we learn about Kero-chan is that he loves to eat and after a good meal he usually seems to be very happy. But Cerberus on the other hand doesn't eat at all... 


Japanese Name: Sharoyan Li 
English Name: Li Showron 
Birthday: July 13 
Blood Type: O 
Favorite Color: Green 
Favorite Flower: Peony 
Favorite Food: Dim Sum, Chocolate 
Favorite Subject: Math, Physical Education 
Most Dislike Subject: Japanese 
Most Wanted: Clow's Magic Book 
Description: Li Syaoran came to Japan after sensing that the clow cards were released. Li Syaoran also has magical powers like Sakura. He's a very serious guy and at first it seemed that he was the rival for Sakura for the clow cards and for Yukito. But later on in the series he helps Sakura capture the cards and he starts to develop feelings for Sakura. Syaoran is engaged to his cousin Li Meiling, he loves her as a sister but she loves him and can be very possessive of him at times. 


Birthdate: Mar 25th
Blood Type: AB
Seiyuu: Nogami Yukana
English Name: Meilin Rae
Meilin comes from Hong Kong and joins her cousin, Syaoran, to collect clow cards, study, and accompany him. She was chosen to be Syaoran's financee and is the only member of the family who doesn't have any magic like Syaoran does. She knows he doesn't like her the way, she does to him, but she still continues to help him as much as she can. Meilin was aware of this, so she tries many ways to fix their relationship. She is very competitive with Sakura in collecting clow cards, athletics, etc., and doesn't give up even when she fails to succeed.


Name: Eriol
Birthday: March 23 
Blood: AB 
Favorite class: None 
Favorite color: Black 
Eriol is the most powerful wizard in the world. He doesn't like 
to have all that power. His guardians are Ruby Moon and Suppi.


Japanese Name: Kinomoto Fujitaka 
American Name: Aiden Avalon 
Birthday: January 3 
Occupation: A University Professor 
Favorite Color: White, ivory, light brown 
Favorite Flower: Nadesico, peach, sakura 
Favortie Food: Anything sweet, any noodle 
Most Wanted: Nothing 
Description: He's Sakura father, who works as a college professor. He takes very well care of Sakura and Touya. To Sakura he seems to be the perfect father. He works very hard and he's very good when it comes to sports. When he first became a teacher he fell in love with one of his students, Nadesico. They soon got married even though Nadesico's family very much disapproved of the wedding between a teacher and a student. 


Mizuki Kaho
Birthdate: Feb 11th
Seiyuu: Shinohara Emi
English Name: Layta Mackenzie
School: Readington Elementary (eng)
Kaho comes as a math teacher for Sakura's class. Sakura is very attracted to her and looks up to her, as for Syaoran, he thinks of her as a very suspicious person. He doesn't seem to trust her very much either.
Earlier in life, she used to date Sakura's brother, Touya in the past, but things didn't work out. She also has a bell, passed to her by Clow Reed, as a present for someone.


Japanese Name:Ruby Moon aka Nakuru Akizuki
Birthday: October 13
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Subject: Math
Hates to Study: N/A
Extracurricular Activities: N/A
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Flower: Getsukabijin
Favorite Food: It's a secret.
Hates to Eat: N/A
Best Recipe: N/A
Wants: Delicious things
Description:Here he is, the cross dressing replacement for Yue! Nakuru is his temporary form while Ruby Moon is his true form. Nakuru is a student at Touya and Yukito's school. He wants to take Touya from Yukito and is constantly taunting him, saying that the newer model is superior to the older one. Yukito is relatively confused about this, and Touya is apparently annoyed with Nakuru's constant presence.


Japanese Name: Spinel Sun aka Suppi-chan
Birthday: It's a secret
Favorite Food: Spicy food
Hates to Eat: Sweet food
Favorite Thing: Reading
Favorite Color: Black, green
Favorite Book: Ju-jukkan-kei
Favorite Flower: Poppy
Wants: Peaceful surroundings
Residence: Eriol's house
Real Appearance: A large cat-like animal with butterfly wings and armor
Description: Spindel appears to be the new equivalent of Cerberus. In his temporary form he looks like dark cat, but his true form is like that of a lion with pointed ears. He has butterfly wings instead of feathered ones. 


Japanese Name: Kinomoto Touya 
English Name: Tory Avalon 
Birthday: February 29 
Blood Type: O 
Extra-curricular Activity: Soccer Club 
Favorite Color: Blue 
Favorite Flower: Peach 
Favorite Food: Steak 
Description: Touya is Sakura’s brother and he usually seems to mock her. But in reality he really cares for her, but tries not to show that he loves her and cares for her. Touya also has a little bit of magic he could see ghost. He used to go out with Kaho. 


Name: Julian Star / Yue
Guardian: Sakura's
Birthday: December 25 
Blood: AB 
Favorite class: Math 
Favorite color: White 
Julian is also known as Yue. At first Julian didn't know 
he was Yue. Now he knows he is also Yue. Yue is Sakura's Guardian.